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Designing and Building to Help Save Lives

Calcification of heart valves is one of the biggest killers in the world. Aortic Heart valve relacements however are only designed to last a limited number of years so research in this area is very important and could save many lives.

I worked on the second prototype of the aortic valve bioreactor with Dr Torii at UCL. This bioreactor was built to help researchers observe how heart valves calcify and test them easily. It was designed to mimic biomechanical conditions and developed as an effective, customisable and affordable tool in heart valve research.Therefore a viewing window was implemented. I also improved the software interface so that it was easy to understand. I also made the pressure of aortic valves through narrowing of tubing and made it modular and flexible so it was easy to customise depending on the experiment. EVerything was manufactured in house using 3D printers and laser cutters. Pictures and videos of it see below. For the full report click on the button below. 

final rendering.jpg
Final Bioreactor
cross section pic.png
Tubing to increase pressure like in the heart
labview interface.jpg
Viewing Window
Whole bioreactor from top.jpg
pump diagram.png
Silicone Bellow
wiring diagram.png
At-home flow sensor setup
tank diagram.png
LabVIEW program
Aortic Valve Bioreactor: About
Aortic Valve Bioreactor: Video
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