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Building a Sustainable Future

I have been passionate about engineering since I was 13 and I discovered that without engineers, technology and our world would not be the same. Since that moment I went to all the engineering courses I could to absorb as much knowledge as possible. I truly beleive engineering can build a better future and I want to be a part of that future. 
This website showcases all the projects that I have been and am a part of from engineering, sustainability and cookery as well as documenting my language learning.

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My values influence motivate the content and way in which I go about my projects. These four valuesreflect the opportunities I take advantage of and create in my everyday life.


I have always strived and acheived excellence in everything I do by giving it 100% of my attention and hard work. You can see this through my education results through the projects I have taken on which helped me acheive a First in my Masters at UCL. 


Throughout my life I have always taken on more courses to expand my knowledge and learn more. This can be seen in the Further Short Courses I have taken as well as the projects beyond my course in Sustainability and Cooking. 


Environmentalism has always been a value through which I have guided what I study and do. I practice this value daily at Accenture by advising companies in achieving their Net-Zero targets and analysing their carbon footprint.


Being a woman in a male-dominated field has meant that I have been exposed to places where I was not always equal to my peers. I believe that STEM subjects are not always taught equally and I want to be aprt of the solution. This has fuelled my work as part of the UCL Women in Engineering Society as both marketing manager. 

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Throughout my university, school and career I have worked on lots of projects varying from Net-Zero startegies to cookbooks.

Below is just a small selection that I have featured.

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